Rendez-vouz Canada: May 9-12

Calgary is a thriving business centre that combines the best of all worlds: cosmopolitan with casual, outdoorsy with urban. As host for Rendez-vous Canada 2017, Calgary will welcome buyers and travel trade media from around the globe with our genuine western hospitality, vibrant culture and an ever-evolving list of unique attractions and experiences. RVC showcases[…]

Job hunt continues for many in Calgary as oil prices rise

Nair here: it’s been a tough two years for people looking for work. Despite an oil rally on word of an OPEC production freeze and federal approval of two major pipeline projects I am cautious about job growth. Am I going to see a lot of hiring? No, I think it’s going to be very measured hiring[…]

Tax matters: A year-end tax checklist for retirement plans

You are too young to think about retirement yet? Regardless of whether you’re retired already, or simply saving for retirement, there are some year-end tax tips you should keep in mind. Consider this checklist for those who have retirement plans, including registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), registered retirement income funds (RRIFs), and tax-free savings accounts[…]

Do you get your daily news from the internet?

Many people believe in the printed work (newspaper) and with Google, Facebook and Social Media a similar kind of trust is seen in the internet. Mankind is curious and sometimes overcredulous so the latest development might be a problem… There are some known satirical news producers like “The Onion [USA]” or “Der Eulenspiegel [Germany]” who create[…]

creb – Detached prices stabilize in soft market

The segment of Calgary’s housing market with the greatest influence on the overall market is showing signs of pricing stability. The detached benchmark price totaled $503,400 in September, which is 3.3 per cent below last year, but the second consecutive month at this price level. While overall economic conditions remain soft, for now the detached[…]

Critical Illness Insurance | Health Risks are Real – Uncover the Facts

Three out of four of us are not physically, financially and emotionally prepared for a critical illness in the family. Would you be able to cope? Answer these seven questions to see how your readiness stacks up against other working Canadians. Uncover more See what you need to know about critical illness insurance and how[…]